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Thank you for visiting our site and reading our French bulldog Puppy policy. By Reading Our POLICY and/or Signing the contract you are agreeing to ALL Policies and Contractual terms established by Lyric's French Bullies LLC. 


We believe that Having a french Bulldog in a family is a truely rewarding experience! This why we have created polIcies that places our puppies in the right home with families that will be commited to their wellbeing, both physical and Emotional, as they are too loving their human families! We Do not sell our puppies in our shop now store! PupPy Applications can be denied at our discretion.



requirements for purchasing one of our french bulldog puppies:

  • purchasers must be at least 21 years of age.

  • a valid picture ID (State ID or Driver’s License) and proof of residency is required at the time of the purchase to confirm the purchasers identity, address, and age.

  • parental/roommate consent to bring an animal into the home must be provided (if applicable).

  • puppy must be neutered/spayed by 3 months of age and documents provided as evidence of procedure being completed. Exceptions to this requirement are at Lyrics French Bullies LLC discretion.

  • we require three personal references. ​  

    • all references must be from someone twenty-one years or older. 

    • one reference must be from a veterinarian (written and by phone). 

    • second reference must be from a non-resident family member.

  • puppy contract must be signed by buyer and non-family member as witness prior to picking up or shipping of puppy(ies). The signing of this contract is evidence of your agreement to the requirement for purchasing a puppy listed on and the details contained within the contract.

  • a $500.00 non-refundable deposit must be made in order to hold your puppy.



  • all of our puppies are AKC register-able and both parents are AKC registered.

  • limited AKC Registration will be given to puppies going to new homes and are spayed/neutered (

  • full AKC Registration will be given to puppies at  the discretion of Lyric's French Bullies LLC for a fee, for puppies produced by our company. Homes with  DNA Health Tested French Bulldogs are highly considered.

  • full AKC Registration will be based upon stud contract for puppies produced from our stud services program.

  • puppy will be micro-chipped before going to your home.

  • puppy will be vaccinated and dewormed.

  • medical Records Booklet will be provided.

  • goodie bag containing treat, blanket, and toy will be supplied.

  • information on puppies diet and parents diet will be provided in addition to an introduction to the breed.

  • puppy aptitude test completion

  • puppies being sent outside of Virginia will be shipped using TLC Nanny Services.

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